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6 Month Short Term Loans

Jun 17, 2023
6 Month Short Term Loans

When it comes to making an unexpected payment, you need funding assistance. It may not be easy for everyone to escape this situation without some extra cash. Surprisingly 6-month short-term loans in South Africa can relieve your financial stress with instant decisions with the most reliable lenders.

These types of funds can solve your cash shortage issues with loan repayment later on. At first, you can meet your short-term needs, no matter your credit score.

What are 6 month short term loans?

6-month short-term loans that you can pay off within 6 months with the total amount after using several unexpected expenses. You can find some lenders who can help you with such funds to meet your needs based on small terms.

The good news is that you don’t need to deal with many manual paperwork activities. Even your loan approval will be instant in a few minutes only. Interestingly, there is no risk of losing your valuables in exchange for getting loans.

They often come with high-interest rates to be paid during loan repayment. Thus, you need to check your ability to pay back the loans on their due date arrival before you apply. Though, these types of loans are the best option during cash urgency.

Benefits of 6 month short term loans online

Taking out 6-month short-term loans online is an excellent decision when you need the money most. These loans have significant advantages that borrowers can take advantage of because other traditional loans may not offer such benefits.

Top 5 benefits of 6-month loans in South Africa

  • Online application process: The application process is secured and online. You can complete it in a few minutes only. Now, you don’t need to visit any bank and complete the formalities with much time consumption.
  • No hidden fee: Unlike traditional loans, you will have to pay no hidden fee in the end—only interest rates you will be paying during the loan repayment after using the funds over some emergencies.
  • Usable for anything: You can use the funds for anything because they are not restricted to only using them for a specific purpose.
  • No collateral: These are short-term unsecured loans, so you don’t need any collateral as property to qualify for the funds.
  • Bad credit approved: You can get approval for the funds with your bad credit score, too, which is a negative aspect of loan qualification.

How to apply for a 6 month short term loan South Africa

Applying for 6-month short-term loans in South Africa is straightforward. You must complete a short, secured loan application process in 3 steps and get instant approval.

Complete the application in easy steps:

  • Fill application: You must fill out an easy application by putting in some of your personal and banking details. You can experience the convenience while completing the process from start to end.
  • Keep calm: You have to move slowly, keeping some patience because this takes a little time for verification. Lenders check your details, then send a loan contract for further processing if approved.
  • Get funds: You can get your money to your bank account directly after you agree to the terms and conditions of the loan agreement by signing.

Factors to consider before applying for a 6 month short term loan

Applying for loans has become very easy because it requires a few clicks on your laptop or mobile phone. It will help if you think twice before applying for 6-month short-term loans because many factors matter.

It would help if you reconsidered them. The main reason is these types of loans are not for free; you have to pay them off as per the loan agreement.

Remember certain factors while applying:

  • Repayment ability: You need to prove your ability to make loan payments on time because many borrowers need help with loan repayment.
  • Credit score: This is a fact that you have to go through a credit check while applying for any loan. Your credit score helps them understand how you deal with money borrowing. Having a poor score means you don’t make your payments on time.
  • Income: Whether you can make loan payments on time is considered by lending institutions. An income source is mandatory for repayment purposes, so you should consider it.
  • Hidden charges: You should read the terms and conditions or fine print that may or may not show some hidden charges. Most loans contain hidden fees that borrowers are unaware of initially, but they pay in the end.

Common uses for 6 month short term loans

Borrowers apply for 6-month short-term loans to use over certain types of expenses. Sometimes, unexpected expenses tend to tease you at cash shortage.

Common uses for short-term loans in South Africa are:

  • Repair car: You can use these short-term funds for fixing your car issues which are stopping you from reaching on time.
  • Home renovation: You can renovate your home as well by using this type of money and changing your house’s outlook.
  • Pay for rent: Your rent payment time has come, but not payday, so you can resort to these loans to pay your rent.
  • Medical expenses: You can cover some medical expenses because every house has a patient.

Tips for repaying short term loans over 6 months

After taking out a loan, you have to pay that back as per the loan agreement since you are paying back short-term loans, which contain high-interest rates that sometimes make borrowers pay back on time.

But anyway, you can learn some valuable tips that can help you set up a strategy for loan repayment.

Some proven ways to repay your loan are:

  • Set up a budget: First, you need to set up a budget that gives you some ideas about your overall expenses.Where is your spending going after taking out a loan? It is mandatory to keep track of every expense. 
  • Boost income: You must have an earning source sufficient for tackling your daily based income. In this situation, you need to increase your current income, which will help pay off your loan on time.
  • Pay a little more: You can save on interest rates by paying more on your loan and getting rid of debts as soon as possible. The critical point is that you must make extra payments to repay your loan quickly.
  • Have some control over lifestyle: Despite being in debt and continuing your lifestyle further, this is not good. So, it is better to change your living style to low until you are out of debt.
  • Consolidate debts: You can consolidate your pending debts into one and pay that off. This way, you can repay your loan, which can change your financial status as well.

Alternatives to 6 month short term loans

No doubt, 6-month short-term loans come with high-interest rates, but they give you instant relief from emergencies. Despite this, there are alternatives you can consider apart from applying for these types of loans.

Alternative types:

  • Get a co-signer:  Lenders always check your creditworthiness whenever you apply for any financial services. Your co-signer having good credit can help you get loan approval based on their credit worth. Being unable to pay off your loan can make your co-signer liable for repayment.
  • Approach friends or family: This is also the best way to arrange money as an alternative with no hassle. Since your loyal friends or family members understand you, they can help you after knowing your problem. But you pay off their money on the said time.
  • Secured loans: You can also consider applying for Secured loans based on your valuables. But this can be risky because lenders cover their funds from your asset, so you need to think twice about it.
  • Apply for car title loans:  You can also apply for a car title loan against your car title, meaning you have to use your vehicle to get funds. You have to pay off your loan on time if you want to get your vehicle back. Till then, it will be under someone else possession.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I get a 6 month short-term loan with bad credit?

Yes, this is possible for you to take out short-term loans with bad credit. Some lenders will work with you even if your FICO score is not good, but you must tighten your pocket during loan repayment.

How quickly can I receive the funds after applying for a short-term loan?

You can get approval for such funds in a few minutes because the process is easy and convenient. You can expect to get your funds in your bank account the same day after applying for that from some reliable lenders.

What happens if I miss a payment on my short-term loan for 6 months?

If you miss your loan payments and don’t pay heed to this, then interest rates will accrue each time missing. This will lead to one of the biggest problems, lowering your credit score and making you unable to approach financial services.

Can I pay off my 6 month short-term loan early?

Yes, you can pay off your loan before the due date of arrival, but you need to make sure of paying any penalties for repaying early. Although, some lenders don’t charge anything for making prepayments for loans.

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