How Long Does Shein Take To Deliver To South Africa?

May 27, 2023
How Long Does Shein Take To Deliver To South Africa?

To the question, how long does Shein take to deliver to South Africa? The truth is you should know first that it hasn’t set its specific time for delivery. You may be surprised that Shein is one of the online companies booming daily. People can feel convenience in getting their delivery items.

It is a Chinese-based company founded in 2008, now leading in South Africa for items of women’s clothing. It offers various fashionable items at an affordable price that suits your pocket.

But you stay with this article-reading until you come to know what your purpose is for coming here. You’re coming here won’t be in vain since you will have all the information you sought about Shein.

What is time consumption for Shein to South Africa?

Shein standard shipping takes 9-12 Business Days once your order’s been placed for delivery to South Africa. One interesting thing is that Shein packages are delivered through AramexFetch and NAQEL Express. These are the ways to reach your items to you by. And the rest depends on various other factors, such as the types of items you ordered and the type of method you selected.

What factors can impact your delivery time?

It’s a fact that many packages reach you on time with no hassle further. Still, there are four different factors that you should pay attention to because they play a vital role in impacting your delivery time so that you can’t get your things on time.

In this article, you know you must wait for 3 to 4 weeks almost until you get the product you ordered at Shein. But you should also know what else affects your delivery time apart from the actual time it takes.

Something else affects shipping time

  • Processing time: Once you have ordered the item, your item will go for processing. Four factors depend on the processing time (Shipment size, item availability, sale season is at its peak, and holidays are on.) According to Shein, 1 to 3 days are enough for processing, whereas 24 hours are enough for shipping preparation.

    It would help if you remembered as more significant as you have the order; you must be patient. Also, there are some pending orders for making preparation and packing to be sent for the shipment.
  • International shipping: International shipping to South Africa usually takes some extra time. According to Shein, standard delivery takes much time that may go up to 29 days, resulting in waiting for your product for up to 1 month. You will not be able to resort to a logistic provider, but you can choose either Aramex or Buffalo Logistics.

    Apart from these options, Shein doesn’t have any other alternative for shipment. Note: You must inform Shein within six months that you haven’t received your package yet. If you don’t do that, you may have to face challenges ahead.
  • Customs: The custom system is a bit complicated that doesn’t have any particular time frame for your package clearance. After your package has arrived at customs, it has to go through an inspection by the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC). After getting approval, you will have to pay the following:
    • Custom duty: You have to pay custom duty charges.
    • Vat charges: You have to pay value-added taxes.
    • Disbursement fee: A type of disbursement fee you have to pay.
    • Clearance fee: You have to pay a clearance fee too.

  • Local shipping: It may interest you that local shipping doesn’t take more than 48 hours to reach its place.In ceasefire non-working days, your shipment gets delayed, but there will be no further obstacles. Sure, will be an e-mail from the shipping agency letting you know about your order at your nearest local post office. Your package must go through an ordeal before it reaches its destination.

10 types of phases, your package comes by:

  • Pick up awaiting because your package confirmed
  • Package got picked up by international warehouse
  • Package sanitized, examined, prepared
  • Package was shipped to supplier’s warehouse finally
  • Shipment to package was done outside China
  • Customs of South Africans got the package
  • Package waiting for payment at customs
  • Package got clearance and shipped to South Africa warehouse
  • Package is on its way to destination
  • Package received now

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