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R100 Loan in South Africa

Mar 18, 2023
R100 Loan in South Africa

Whether you want a small amount of money to fix the fan belt of your car or you want to cover the expenses throughout the festivals like Grahamstown Festival. Whatever the reasons, we at CoreLoans always help you take out small and short-term loans. Find out some fantastic options to apply for an R100 loan in South Africa.

What is a R100 loan?

R100 is a lump sum loan amount that fixes your temporary cash shortage issues, from groceries to making a rent payment. This type of loan is very costly and unsecured, requiring no assets or valuables from you.

But you have to pay this loan on your next payday whenever your next payday arrives to avoid penalties or extra charges.

Being able to make your loan payments on time can lead to debt hoarding each time you miss them.

When can a R100 loan help?

An R100 loan in South Africa can help when you need urgent cash to meet your short-term needs. But you cannot get the money because no one seems interested in helping you with funds in such situations.

People usually apply for such loans to overcome their emergencies. You can also apply for this loan whenever you need instant money.

Also, you can easily make your loan payments on time without breaking the payment circle, which is suitable for everyone.

Situation under R100 really help a lot are:

  • To pay medical bills: If any medical treatment is on in your family, you can resort to R100.
  • To buy food: you can buy food by using this type of money with some trustable lenders.
  • To cover educational expenses: You can also handle your educational expenses, such as college fees or buying study materials.
  • Repairing car: Does your car get a breakdown often? You can deal with this problem with a small amount of R100.
  • To buy gifts: Expenses for gift buying can also be handled with this type of money.

What types of loans are there to get R100?

You can find various loans offering R100 to remove short-term emergencies. The best thing you can do is- know about these types of loans and read the terms and conditions precisely before making the final call.

So, almost six types of loans can be very lucrative for you when you have unexpectedly met a cash shortage.

Some types that offer R100 loan in South Africa are:

  • Peer-to-peer loans: Peer-to-peer loans are  hassle-free loans with no hassle from banking institutions. You can apply for these loans and get yourself funded with R100 because this is a new form of borrowing than traditional ways.
  • Payday loans: You can also apply for payday loans and get instant money. The only condition is with these loans, you have to pay back the money on your next payday with high-interest charges.
  • Credit union loans: Credit union loans are similar to bank loans for considering applying during a financial crisis. These loans also contain interest rates, but less than other types of loans.
  • Guarantor loans: Guarantor loans can get you fast money, but you get someone else involved in getting money. They agree to pay if you don’t repay the loan on time.
  • Installment loans: Installment loans can also help you out with the instant funds of R100 that you can repay in installments. These loans give you enough time for money arrangement so that you can pay off the money on time said time.
  • Personal unsecured loans: Personal unsecured loans are loans you can use on a simple request from some reliable lenders. They give you instant cash to meet your small significant needs.

R100 Payday Loans- Is it really good option?

Yes, R100 payday loans in South Africa are always a good option when you urgently need money. Unfortunately, you need more time to be ready to help you out, but these loans can take your current problems away with fast availability.

You can easily target your unexpected expenses with the quick availability of money, even if your credit score could be better.

There is one more critical thing your approval rate is high than other loans with some online lenders. It is one of the most significant advantages you may not know. Payday loans also offer quick money with no credit checks.

How to apply for R100 payday loans online in South Africa?

Applying for R100 payday loans is straightforward, with the quick online process in South Africa. You have to fill out some basic details of yours, avoiding mistakes.

It takes only a few minutes to complete the process. You can complete the application process in 3 easy steps and get the funds on the same day.

Application process:

  • Apply online: Fill out the application as per the columns asking for the information with authenticity. It would help if you avoided the mistakes that make you face rejections whenever putting details.
  • Maintain patience: You need to maintain your patience until details are verified. Once verification is done then, you will have the loan approval in 5 to 10 minutes
  • Get money: You can collect your money in a few minutes only after verifying your details and submitting your loan application.

What are the pros and cons of R100 payday loans?

Before you consider applying for R100 payday loans online, you should look at both sides because things have two sides. There are some pros and cons of such loans that you shouldn’t ignore because these loans are already costly.

Pros and cons of payday loans to get R100


  • Easy to access: Anyone can get payday loan access quickly and conveniently without facing any hurdles.
  • Free of handy paperwork: You don’t need to deal with handy paperwork because everything is online based.
  • No waiting: There is no queue of loan applicants, so you don’t need to stand physically in line with loan applicants.
  • Fast fund access: You will have faster access than traditional loans to remove urgencies.
  • No rustication to money use: You can use the funds wherever you find to use with no restriction, whereas purposes are there to mention.


  • Expensive: Payday loans are costly in terms of their high-interest rates, which is a con side.
  • Debt trapper: You may trap yourself in debt if you don’t pay your loan on time because interest rates start accruing.

Can I get a R100 loan with a bad credit rating?

Yes, getting R100 is possible with your bad credit rating with some reliable lenders in South Africa. Other banking institutions may not help you with the funds because their lending criteria don’t match your bad credit.

But some lenders offer money with bad credit scores because they want to take you out of financial emergencies. It is a different thing. You have to pay high-interest rates during the loan repayment.

Do I need a credit check to get a R100 loan? 

Yes, for getting R100, a credit check for any lending institution is mandatory to find out how you deal with your finance. It helps any lending institution decide whether they should offer you the money.

Some lenders don’t have to do anything with your credit check. Still, they do a soft credit check. Some recent past payments are checked without adverse effects on your loan approval.

How to find the right R100 loan in South Africa?

Maximum people can find loan options to borrow R100, but there is no guarantee of authenticity because they need to learn about the lenders they approach. People don’t think about it in haste, which is a mistake, but you can get R100 in South Africa with some valuable tips.

These tips make your job very easy whenever you are looking for loans expecting you to reach the right place, whereas this doesn’t happen.

Follow the below steps to come closer to get best R100 loan deal:

  • Reputation: The lending institution you have approached is how much reputable. If you still need to, you should act upon it and apply for loans from lending institutions with a good reputation. Have you ever thought about it?
  • Maximum amount: You can use this type of money wherever you like, but you need to check the limit you can go for. Generally, the loan amount is available from R100 up to R5,000.
  • Repayment time: You need to be conscious of the loan repayment period. Although, short terms loans are for a short period. Still, you can focus on this factor; only you can find the right loan.
  • Check eligibility: Many people make one of the biggest mistakes: they don’t  check the loan eligibility criteria very often. You should always check that first before you take the final decision to apply.
  • Fees: Some traditional lenders have set up fees for offering such loans. So, it would help if you kept a distance from them rather than it is better to rely upon some direct lenders who have no fee to charge in the beginning.

Apply for R100 Loan in South Africa today!

Applying does NOT affect your credit score!

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