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Long Term Loans For Blacklisted In South Africa

Jul 12, 2023
Long Term Loans For Blacklisted In South Africa
Do you need some funds, but you are blacklisted? Don’t worry! Let long term loans in South Africa help you make instant decisions at CoreLoans if you are blacklisted. There are many reasons you are blacklisted, such as being unable to pay your loan further is one of the common problems among borrowers.

No matter what happens, these are loans designed for South Africans to meet their needs. Some online lenders are willing to solve your financial problems in minutes—everything you will be experiencing smoothly, from the application process to getting funds.

What are long term loans in South Africa?

Long term loans are a type of loan that borrowers pay for some time until fully repaid in South Africa. A total period comes for a few months, and they can go up to several years for loan repayment. You have to pay off your loan in monthly installments.

These types of loans can be secured as well as unsecured loans. In the case of secured loans, you have the required collateral, but you may lose it if you are not paid off your loan. But as far as unsecured loans are concerned, you don’t lose anything.

The best part is you can go for such online funds with your bad credit score. Some lenders accept your bad credit to help you out further.

Can I get a long term loan for blacklisted in South Africa?

Yes, you can apply for a long term loan for blacklisted in your province at CoreLoans with some trustable lenders. They are willing to help you despite being blacklisted because their main concern is not blacklisted; they want to see your repayment ability.

You will have a quick and easy application process without visiting any banking institutions. Generally, you can’t get loan approval if you have got a tag of being blacklisted from financial institutions.

Are long term loans cheaper than short-term loans?

Usually, borrowers pay higher interest rates for short term loans than long-term ones. The main reason is many short-term loans come with certain charges, such as interest rates, fees and prepayment penalties, depending on lenders.

You pay a long term loan for an extended period with a specific amount so that interest rates might be low, but you finally pay much. Monthly payments could be easily managed with long term loans compared to short-term loans.

What can I use a long term loans for?

Long term loans are commonly used for making large and small purchases. They can be buying a car or new building, doing a home renovation, paying university fees, paying rent and much more.

After using the funds for borrowing purposes, they must be paid back on time with monthly installments per the loan agreement. Since you don’t need to pay that immediately, it will be very convenient to repay your loan quickly with an extended repayment facility.

What are the pros and cons of long term loans?

Some pros and cons of long term loans that applicants should learn about. You should always check them before applying because everything has a positive side, and a negative side will also be there.

Pros and cons of long term loans are:


  • Easy to apply: You can quickly apply for the funds online without leaving your place.
  • Consolidate other debts: If you have some unpaid debts, you can consolidate them into one and pay them immediately.
  • Long-term: Unlike short-term loans, you have enough time to repay your loan.
  • No paperwork: Paperwork formalities frustrate loan applicants; you don’t need to deal with them.
  • Fast fund access: You can get funds faster than banking institutions.


  • High-interest rates: You are required to pay high-interest rates during repayment.
  • Fees and penalties: If breaking the loan agreement, you must pay fees and penalties.
  • Long time to debt free: Once you fail to repay your loan, you may not come out of debt quickly.

Do I need a guarantor for a long term loan online?

A guarantor is someone liable to pay off your unpaid loans if you are failed to make your loan payments on time. There are various types of loans when you need someone having good credit who can support you in getting such loans.

Lenders only require a guarantor if your credit score does not fit their lending criteria because you already have poor credit. Or else you are applying for the loans the first time, and you need a credit history to get approval, then you need a guarantor.

Am I eligible for a long term loans with poor credit?

Yes, you have to meet the lending criteria of lenders while applying for long term loans with poor credit. The best part is you have some minimum requirements of lenders to carry on with no hassle of paperwork formalities.

Eligibility criteria of long term loans in South Africa are:

  • Age: Minimum age is needed 18 or above.
  • A bank account: You are required to have a bank account to receive funds after getting approval.
  • Address proof: Your residential address proof is widespread among specific requirements.
  • Income: An income source is most important for loan repayment purposes.
  • Contact number: You must use your contact number to get access if needed.

How to apply for blacklisted long term loan with CoreLoans?

You can go ahead with your online application for long term loans with us. You can only complete it in the four most manageable steps in a few minutes.

Application process: 

  • 1) Fill out a simple application: Start with an application form confidently mentioning some essential banking details and others that belong to you.
  • 2) Wait a few minutes: Until your details are verified, you must maintain your patience. Once approved for the funds, you will have the loan contract sent by lenders to sign after reading the terms and conditions.
  • 3) Get funds: You can receive your money any time after things go well.

Long Term Loans For Blacklisted In South Africa- Some FAQ’s

Can I get a long term loan with bad credit?

You can go for long term loans even if your credit score is bad. But there are certain conditions, such as you can’t choose a high loan amount. Also, interest rates will be very high to pay in the end; you will have fewer features of loans.

Will my bad credit history affect the interest rate on the loan?

Yes, as high as your credit score will be, the possibility will become more vital for any loan approval. In the same way, your bad credit score brings various challenges in getting any loan, so your credit score is significant. How much you will pay for a loan depends on your credit score.

How can I improve my chances of blacklisted loan approval?

Before applying for blacklisted loans, you should choose the correct and trustable lenders and only apply for the loan amount you need. You must avoid mistakes while completing the application process, which means you must provide authentic information.

Are there any disadvantages to obtaining a long term loan as a blacklisted individual?

Yes, there are some disadvantages as well associated with long term loans. You will have to pay high-interest rates; you might find yourself in debt if you miss out on the loan payments for the loans. You can’t get access to other financial services ahead until you pay off your pending debts.

What should I consider before taking out a long term loan in South Africa?

Long term loans are a suitable option if you want to use them for big purchases. Since these loans carry high-interest rates, you need to keep a few things in mind before applying: The right place to apply, interest rates, repayment ability and a lot more are there to consider once.

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