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Long Term Loans With Poor Credit South Africa

Jul 21, 2023
Long Term Loans With Poor Credit South Africa

Are you looking for loans with lengthy repayment terms with bad credit? We have the solution for you with long-term loans with poor credit in South Africa at CoreLoans with high approval rates. Some online lenders in your province are ready to assist you with fast funding access.

These loans are hassle-free of banking formalities, good credit and visiting banking institutions for applying.

What are long term loans?

Long-term loans are a method of borrowing that gives you a large amount of money to meet your needs. Instead, you repay your loan over some time with a particular amount. These types of unsecured loans don’t require any assets upfront.

Repayments are divided into several months until the entire payment of such loans is made entirely. This facility makes your monthly payments more manageable than other loans based on a small period.

How long you will be paying off your loan varies from lender to lender, but maximum long-term loans come with a repayment period of 2 years or more. Commonly, people use these funds for large purchases.

Can I get a long-term loans with poor credit in South Africa?

Yes, you can still be eligible to get long-term loans with your poor credit score if your credit score is less than a perfect credit score. Applying for such loans with poor credit might be challenging for borrowers, but this can’t always be done.

You must prove your ability to make your loan payments on time with those lenders who have agreed to help you with funds. While taking out these types of loans with your low credit, you will have some limited options.

It could be nice to check out what conditions will be there for you before applying for such loans with online lenders.

Certain conditions will apply:

  • You can’t go for high loan amount.
  • You will have high interest rates to pay on each due date.
  • There will be limited loan deals for you

Uses of long-term loans for bad credit 

Long-term loans are loans that have various types of uses. You can take it to cover short-term as well as long-term purposes. There are certain types of uses for such types of loans that you should consider.

Use of long-term loans with bad credit:

  • Debt consolidation: You can use these funds to consolidate your unpaid debts into one and pay that at once.
  • Business expansion: If you already have a business, then you can expand that using these online funds.
  • Home renovation: These types of funds are also usable for home renovation.
  • High education costs: Your high education problem is solved with long-term loans because you will need more money to afford its costs.
  • Unexpected medical bills: You can use this type of money to cover the costs of some medical bills as well.

What do I need to apply for a long-term loans online?

A few requirements are there to meet the eligibility criteria of online lenders while applying for long-term loans.

Types of requirements: 

  • Age: Minimum age is required, 18 or plus, to apply for these loans.
  • Income source: You need a stable income for loan repayment on time.
  • A permanent address proof: Your residential address proof has to be there in South Africa
  • A bank account: You need a bank account to receive money.
  • Contact number: Your contact number is also compulsory for eligibility criteria.

Why choose CoreLoans to apply for quick long-term loans?

Some essential reasons make borrowers choose CoreLoans for applying long term loans.

Reasons to choose CoreLoans:

  • Simple process: The loan process is simple to complete in a few minutes and get funded.
  • No Hidden Charges: You don’t have to pay any hidden fee or charge because you will have everything on the loan agreement upfront.
  • Bad credit acceptable: Borrowers can now apply for long-term loans with bad credit scores.
  • 24/7 available: You can apply for loans even at night because they are available 24/7.
  • Your confidential information is safe: We keep your confidential details safe and secure as a priority.

How can I apply with you?

Unlike banks, you have to complete a simple application process without moving anywhere, and you are not required to complete a set of paperwork formalities. You will be able to complete the process in minutes only.

Complete the application in 3 easy steps:

  • Fill application: You have to fill out an online application with your details and some banking details. Ensure you don’t make mistakes while putting the information, which may lead to disapproval.
  • Get approval: After approval, you must maintain some patience because this takes a while for verification. Once this is done, you get a loan contract on your mail id for a digital sign. But you should read its terms and conditions before proceeding further.
  • Same-day funding: You can get the funds in your bank account the same day as soon as the loan process is completed online.

Long Term Loans With Poor Credit South Africa- Some FAQ’s

Can I apply for long-term loans for blacklisted in South Africa?

No, if you are blacklisted. No banking institutions will offer you financial assistance to meet your needs. Some limited lenders in South Africa might help you get loans while blacklisted. But you must prove your ability to pay your loan on time.

Can I get long-term loans for low credit scores?

Yes, several lenders consider your loan application with less than perfect credit score, but you must prove your income for loan repayment. Also, you must pay high-interest rates whenever you repay your loan.

Is it possible to get long-term loans with no credit check?

Yes, many online lenders in South Africa are willing to provide you with long-term loans with no credit check. But keep in mind that interest rates are higher, and extra fees might be charged. Make sure you can repay.

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